Company Background:

Machine contracting activities began in the early 1990 as a sideline for farming. The first machines used at the time were tractors and other machinery from the farm, later on also a backhoe.
On the farm there is a large gravel area, for which we got a permit for ingredients taking, because there is good access to the villages Miehikkälä and Muurikkala from the farm. The idea of operations management at the time was to dump and transport soil, as well as local wood transportations.

The gravel extraction permit for the area is still maintained, and machine contracting activity is provided along all other activities. The farm is still working as a forest farm and the fields have been leased to a local farmer.

Koneurakointi expanded to Moniurakointi, as time went on. After a long time of machine contracting, a demand for real estate maintenance services, mainly for cottages and such, as well as small construction and landscaping jobs. This was a very natural direction for expanding the original machine contracting business.

When you have played with machines for all your life, you then also become familiar with the technology and difficulties concerning the breakdown of equipments. Along solving problems and fixing our own equipment in our own garage, we started getting requests from the neighborhood concerning the possibility for getting their cars and machinery fixed as well. Since there seemed to be demand, we included vehicle maintenance to the company's services.

Nowadays the company’s services include:
Mechanical Contracting Services:
• Road maintenance, summers and winters.
• Laying the foundations for construction, including the soil.
• Sales of gravel, crushed rock and soil.
• Snow plowing and sanding.

Real estate management services:
• Small construction, landscaping.
• Property maintenance and upkeep services, including roofing, snow drops, minor plumbing maintenance and repairs, outdoor painting and home renovations.
• Cottage Janitorial Services - firewood sales and delivery of firewood cutting and chopping the client's own trees, deforestation, lifting and lowering boats and piers,
• "warm room" services, meaning heating the cabin and other such preparations readying the cottage for use.
• Yard raking and lawn mowing.

Vehicle Maintenance:
• Cars, tractors, trucks and small equipment.
• Repairs and maintenance for all brands.
• Mounting tyres of all size for any vehicle.

The company continuously employs one service technician, and the temporary payroll has been up to 5 people, and at the same time the company is getting labor of its own, as the older children have become involved.
The company's future challenges include building a bigger service and maintenance garage.

The company has customers from near and far, mostly from the South Karelia and Kymenlaakso area. Clients include both private and public sector (state and municipal) as well as large international companies.
The company will be able to serve customers in foreign languages, including Swedish, English, German and Russian.
Vaalimaa border crossing in the proximity creates the conditions to serve our customers internationally.
Enterprise will then also be varied and challenging - to which the company, in today's society, will need to be able to answer to.
Our company’s goal is to serve you as a customer in a versatile and professional way, with skills, experience and quality you can rely on.

Feel free to take contact, or come and visit so that we can offer you the best of a suitable service.

Sincerely, multi-entrepreneur
RIKU JOKIMIES/+358 400 172 580
email: riku (at)


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